APAP – Happy Birthday Maria! – New Tune!


If its your birthday clap your hands!
Mom said this song should be called MARAPMARAP but i was like HELL NAH! Its APAP

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Released: Nov 15/11/2021

APAP Lyrics:


D – A – Bm – G

Witches hate getting called witches, but they actually love it
Imma be honest, young money, life changing paper trail keeps going my life keeps going
Witches hate getting called witches, but they actually love it
Imma be honest, young money, life changing paper trail keeps going my life *YAWN*


I get a vibe from you, and i like!
swear to god i will cop it and lock it.
keep you inside id be sinning,
but if i let you out id be feeling.
FEELINGS got me killing
So i am tormented,
In parenthesis
(i love cooking and the W.H.I.M.S. !)

Chorus 2:

Witches hate getting called witches, but they actually love it!
Imma be honest, young money, life changing paper trail keeps showing my life keeps going!
Witches hate getting called witches, but they actually love it!
Imma be honest, young money, life changing paper trail keeps showing my life going…

Verse 2:

Witches Coming Thru My Window!
This is CALI not a kinda-a-lingo….
Bare feet printed on the snow den
Come and go, forgot how i know them 🙁
The wind cries Mary, over exposing my business
Picture perfect white
Hindsight over vision
The page keeps turning
My mind keeps burning
I don’t give a damn cuz my name is AP 😉


G – A – Bm – Bm

witches, ditches, richest, itches!
peaches, beaches, which-ass, its chess!
WITCHEEEEEEEeES!!!! which is?…


Lyrics: Andy Pacheco
Composer: Andy Pacheco
Guitar: Andy Pacheco
Bass: Pacheco Andy
Drums: Andy Pacheco
Additional Drum Programing: Andy Pacheco
Harmonica: Sir Andy Pacheco
Keys: Andy Pacheco
Produced by: Andy Fuckin’ Pacheco
Recording Engineer: Andy Pacheco
Recording Assistant Engineer: Grant McDonald
Mixing Engineer: AP
Mastering: Emma Whale

Picture/Cover Art: Andy Pacheco


IF you enjoyed this song! please STAY tuned for my next EP called APAP which will be release around the best time of 2022.


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#Rock #IndieRock #NewTalent #EmergingArtist #IndependentArtist
Chico the Goodboy! Andy Pacheco second album APAP

Great Radio Performance At Studio Red In Fanshawe College(MIA)

Music Video, Shows

Brand New Radio Performance by yours truly at Studio Red on 106.9 The Ex

Music Industry Arts student Andy Pacheco, joins us in the broadcast centre to share his voice and guitar skills.

Studio Red Live

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One of the many things that I enjoy as a Music Industry Art student are the opportunities. For instance, one of them was performing at Studio Red Live.

With lots of talented people around and a close connection to the film/radio programs, Fanshawe College, is a great place to study music production.

Midway through the first semester I saw a little FB post on the MIA 2020 Facebook Group. This post offered a radio performance opportunity. Therefore, I decided to click on the link and submit my artist form.

After a couple of weeks of the form being submitted, I was walking around the studios and bumped into Andrew, shout out to him because little did I know he was in charge of the applications and in that moment he assured me soon I would be playing.

The day of the gig, I was greeted by an awesome team on the door of fanshawe, eventually after a couple of sound checks it was time to turn on the lights and do this show!

Above all, please enjoy the show!

Andy Pacheco (November 24th, 2020)

Radio Performance - Guitar Cover
Guitar Cover – Studio Red Live
Pic by: Daniel Sohpal!

Also, check out other MIA Students Radio Performances Studio Red Live:

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/5HZaGIUl8EYCE1r6mKr7wL
Apple Music: https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/studio-red-the-podcast/id1481630464

Check Out my new Music Video “Say, I sang for You” filmed in my home country Bolivia, subsequently TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK OF MY HAT!

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Finally, much Love wherever you are -AP

Shayla – Lifted


Shayla – Lifted

Produced by: Andy Pacheco
Song: Shayla
Artist: Lifted
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Lifted Live At Wild Wings

Lifted – Live at Wild Wings

Download Shayla by Clicking Here!

For more Punk/Ska Dance Music Check us out on Facebook!

Beers and Backyards

Music Video
Broken inside, Andy wrote this song to commemorate the small things in life.
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Beers and Backyards – Lyrics
Video Shot by: SadSixx This brand new spanking music video shows the meaning behind Beers and Backyards…

We observe a young Andy Pacheco broken inside, not knowing where to go, or what to do.

This Video was made for a Film Project for the University so I want to thank my friends and actors: Joy, Gon & Alan ….

If you want to get some videos done in La Paz feel free to hit up @SadSixxMusic on Instagram

Want a bomb banner planner for Instagram ?

Download this 3 pics and Post them in a row.

Beers and Backyards – Instagram 3
Beers and Backyards - Instagram 2
Beers and Backyards – Instagram 2
Beers and Backyards – Instagram 1

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On your Bio! Cheers

Teatro Nuna keeps Crowd Pleasing – #NunaFest2019 kicks off with Power|Andy Pacheco

Miscellaneous, Shows

Oct 9th 2019, La Paz Bolivia. Macrodistroto Sur.

El Teatro Nuna, continues growing and in the next few weeks it will be giving artists the chance to express themselves past the point of showcasing and learning.

After a sold out show, the party continued at #NunaFest2019, many of the attendees got to meet new rooms and spaces. I was one of them, and after seeing the changes I felt inspired and pumped! Kamagra jellies or tablets have helped thousands of men to change their sex lives and save their marriages. great website cheap viagra Psychological causes cialis soft are a common reason for impotence. He is also a good doctor for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment viagra online no prescriptions in Delhi. You can successfully combat the problem of generic viagra online Erectile dysfunction and male impotence, ensure you undergo the following steps daily. Behind the face of El Teatro, there is 1 man with a whole lot of army, Luis Daniel, he is a fucking ACE at getting things done and it shows (no pun intended)! The impact he makes in Bolivias Culture goes beyond many peoples simple thoughts, by bringing International & National artist to premium productions in La Paz. Daniel or better known as LuisDa worked countless hours, behind and in front of the scenes, he has put up a wall full of anecdotes many funny and true stuff that’s happened in the theater before.


El Nuna primes are the Show Productions, the Tango Lessons and really tasty pizza. Now, with the new remodelations it will count with: a Lounge Area, A rehearsing room and a Studio room. I know, I’ll be taking advantage of!


The legendary Bolivian icon “El Pocholo” was a guest in the #NunaFest2019 party, meets Andy Pacheco and sends his greetings to the fans!

Europe, the legendary Swedish band, touches La Paz City and meets the Fans.

Music Video, Uncategorized

Europe in La Paz!

On Wednesday 25th of 2019, I got to be a witness of Bolivias best production and show!

Thanks to La Manzana Productions, my friends Daniel, Rommel and Osvaldo for letting me witness this evolution for International Music Acts in La Paz,

Specially to Daniel, for bringing this quality of Band, from an international level to my hometown, aka my birth place #LaPaz

When the Swedish band touched La Paz they were increadibly excited to rock a new country they have never been before. After months of waiting, I knew the day had arrived because i havnt smiled that way in a long time, and I felt like a little boy again.

So in the words of John Norum -” Keep Rockin’ ” , was his answer when I asked him to give some advice. Me fighting my way up, as an up-and-coming Rockstar!

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The Music Video, Say, will have you biting your nails off!

Music Video

Official page for the song “Say”

I really enjoyed making this music video

From the Pre-Production, when I was trying out costumes and practicing my movements and comfortably levels.

To the day off the shoot, with beautiful scenes, sub-zero temperatures, 4 by 4 vehicles.

Plus, I actually stayed a week in Uyuni, playing a show, doing a TV interview and being some tourist at some crazy pub.

As well, fun but a challenge for the post-production as I was not in the country, indeed I would not have made this if I wasn’t working with #MuyuMuyuEstudioCreativo (de Bolivia) they handled very professional, good times!


About the song

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And i Sang for U

The riff was written when I jammed up on my tube amp “Fender Twin”…

The built in reverb on the amp served as good inspiration for this dark and reminiscing thematic!

The lyrics are based on a true romance I experienced at, Our Lady of Mt Carmel, High-School. While i thought it was going to last longer, all she know has to say is that i used to sing for her.



Search the “Say” Video! on Google!

Vertical Moving Poster! Click to Download!

Andy Pacheco – I Love U – Typography

Typography Videos

Andy Pacheco – I Love U – Typography




This song came about with the notepad of my cellphone & a guitar melody.

I really want to make you feel happy, feel good about all the good in your life! Remember, U are the final barrier to your own happiness! Listen, Enjoy….

#ILoveU #FromTheSkyAllTheWayBack #INeedU #AndyPacheco



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Andy Pacheco – Wanna (Purple) – Typography

Typography Videos

Hi, this is the second song of the upcoming EP “Project Santa Fe”.
I hope you can memorize the lyrics before me, and sing them louder than me. “Music is Joy, music is for All.” – AP



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