Fanshawe College ADC

MIA 2020 – Powerful A&R Pitch for Mike Roth

Music Video, School

In this assignment, Mike asked us to play a 1 Canadian Classic song. However, with the help of my awesome peers, we made a on the spot decision to medley 2 great tunes!

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Both Bands were huge in their times. “Corey Hart – Sunglasses at night” is one of my favorite songs as it trascended decades and many people still sing it to this day with a rocking feel. “IllScarlett – OneA” gives me a sense of what it takes to work hard and eventually see your music pay off.

“Andy Pacheco was born in Bolivia but lives in Mississauga… He looks up to the late 80s but was raised on the early 2010s era. The timing couldnt have been worse for him, as he was too young to go to bars to see illScarlett or Corey Hart. Both bands were huge supporters and loved their local scene, something Andy relates greatly.
As well, they were both nominees for Juno awards which he hopes and to be one day…”

Band: Andy Pacheco, Nathaniel Wookey, Ian MacKenzie, Helena Sampson Soundboard and lights: Hayden Hakkarainen
Video Edit and Post-Production: Andy Pacheco


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