Europe, the legendary Swedish band, touches La Paz City and meets the Fans.

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Europe in La Paz!

On Wednesday 25th of 2019, I got to be a witness of Bolivias best production and show!

Thanks to La Manzana Productions, my friends Daniel, Rommel and Osvaldo for letting me witness this evolution for International Music Acts in La Paz,

Specially to Daniel, for bringing this quality of Band, from an international level to my hometown, aka my birth place #LaPaz

When the Swedish band touched La Paz they were increadibly excited to rock a new country they have never been before. After months of waiting, I knew the day had arrived because i havnt smiled that way in a long time, and I felt like a little boy again.

So in the words of John Norum -” Keep Rockin’ ” , was his answer when I asked him to give some advice. Me fighting my way up, as an up-and-coming Rockstar!
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