Beers and Backyards

Music Video
Broken inside, Andy wrote this song to commemorate the small things in life.
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Beers and Backyards – Lyrics
Video Shot by: SadSixx This brand new spanking music video shows the meaning behind Beers and Backyards…

We observe a young Andy Pacheco broken inside, not knowing where to go, or what to do.

This Video was made for a Film Project for the University so I want to thank my friends and actors: Joy, Gon & Alan ….

If you want to get some videos done in La Paz feel free to hit up @SadSixxMusic on Instagram

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The Music Video, Say, will have you biting your nails off!

Music Video

Official page for the song “Say”

I really enjoyed making this music video

From the Pre-Production, when I was trying out costumes and practicing my movements and comfortably levels.

To the day off the shoot, with beautiful scenes, sub-zero temperatures, 4 by 4 vehicles.

Plus, I actually stayed a week in Uyuni, playing a show, doing a TV interview and being some tourist at some crazy pub.

As well, fun but a challenge for the post-production as I was not in the country, indeed I would not have made this if I wasn’t working with #MuyuMuyuEstudioCreativo (de Bolivia) they handled very professional, good times!


About the song

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And i Sang for U

The riff was written when I jammed up on my tube amp “Fender Twin”…

The built in reverb on the amp served as good inspiration for this dark and reminiscing thematic!

The lyrics are based on a true romance I experienced at, Our Lady of Mt Carmel, High-School. While i thought it was going to last longer, all she know has to say is that i used to sing for her.



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